Headshot (me)Hi. I'm Jerry. I'm just an everyday, ordinary, regular guy. But I'm also a man of faith–specifically, the Christian faith.

But this blog isn't just for Christians.

This site is for anyone interested in learning what it takes to create a life they love—a life of Purpose, Passion, and Prosperity. Because that’s what I try to do each day.

It's just that I try to do it in a way that is in line with my Christian beliefs and values.


And let me tell you, sometimes it can be very difficult. You see, I have my doubts.

Sometimes I feel like no one hears my prayers. I read stuff in the Bible that really challenges my faith.

And when it comes to sin, I'm certain I break at least one of the Ten Commandments each day.

I've been trying God's patience for years.

But each day I wake up and choose to believe. I make the decision that today I will believe that God is real. And that as long as He is the foundation of my life, things will work out.

All that said, I simply want what everyone wants. I just want to be happy. I want to live my life in such a way that, when I come to the end of my days, I will have no regrets.

Here is where I document my journey and share what I learn along the way.

Some of the things I talk about:

  • Feeling stuck and/or lost. Not knowing my purpose. Not having a calling or anything I'm passionate about.
  • Dealing with a "difficult" wife. Not getting the love, respect, and support I needed.
  • Working at a job that was slowly crushing my soul. Venturing out on my own.
  • Money: Climbing my way out of huge financial debt.
  • Battling Fear, Worry, and Self-doubt. Thinking I'm not good enough.
  • Being a people-pleaser. Just trying to be me--my authentic self.
  • Staying healthy: Physically, Mentally, Spiritually.
  • Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Riding my bicycle; I love talking about that!

I’m not a personal development “guru."

The things I’ve learned that help me create a life I love may not work for you. As the name of this site indicates, my faith is flawed.

But here’s what I believe:

I believe you are here for a purpose. There is something that you were created to do. And only you can do it.

I believe you have incredible potential to BE and DO amazing things in this world.

I believe it is your responsibility to strive each day to come closer to this potential—but without the concern of ever reaching it.

I believe that no matter your history, or your current circumstances, you can create a life you love.

I believe in you. Because I know you. I am you...just another flawed human doing his best.


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you join me on my journey–my quest–to creating and living a life I love.


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More about Jerry:

Born on the island of Guam, my parents brought me and my 8 siblings (9 now) to San Diego, California where I still live (But not with my parents anymore. I'm a big boy now!).

I studied Applied Mathematics at the University of California at San Diego and went on to work as a software engineer for various companies, the last one being Microsoft.

I'm married with three kids (F-23, M-22, F-12. And, yes, they are all from the same woman). Some of my favorite things include hanging out with my family, traveling, reading, cycling, and playing basketball.

I'm just an everyday, ordinary, regular guy. I'm a soft-spoken introvert who can be an extrovert when necessary.

I'm an imperfect human who makes mistakes. I sometimes offend people. I can be selfish and thoughtless, but I try my best to treat others how I'd like to be treated.

I'm pretty sure I'll offend someone here at some point so I ask your forgiveness in advance. 🙂